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Ever tried putting the wrong type of fuel in a car?

The car stops working!...


Take a look at this film clip.

Do you think these cars are run on junk fuel? 

The better quality fuel in the tank, the better the

car will drive!


Just like a car, the better food you eat,

the better you will function too!

Our bodies need a balance of:



Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat

These equip the body with energy and are also important for the growth and maintenance of the body.





Vitamins and Minerals

These are essential for keeping us healthy, but are needed in smaller amounts.

Vitamins help the body utilise other nutrients in the correct way, minerals help build and maintain the body.


We need to eat food from a variety of different food groups to ensure an adequate intake of these macro and micronutrients. The better variety of foods we eat, the better our intake of the full spectrum of nutrients required by the body.



Use the Eat well plate (UK Food Standards Agency) to show the types and proportions of different food groups in a healthy, balanced diet. Food groups are split into thirds:


  • one third starchy, nutrient-rich, carbohydrates, the less refined the better (wholegrains, bread, oats, potatoes, pasta, couscous, rice) 

  • one-third fruits and vegetables

  • one third meat, fish, egg, beans and pulses, dairy foods and non-dairy alternatives, with just a small amount of foods high in sugar and saturated fat.

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