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"Eat like an Athlete" Programme

What is it?

“Eat like an Athlete” is a 6-week curriculum-based healthy eating programme which aims to:

  • Bring healthy eating alive using the ‘hook’ of sport and the ‘athlete’s diet’ to engage children.

  • Enable children make sense of food by linking what we eat to how we perform and feel.

  • ​Develop basic cooking skills; children learn that nutritious food is delicious and easy to cook.

  • Guide pupils in their decision-making about what to eat in today’s food-rich environment.

  • Educate Go Faster Food “Eat like an Athlete” ambassadors to raise awareness in the wider school community. 

Course repeats and the healthy eating message becomes embedded within the community.


Course leadership team (teacher & pupil mix) trained by Go Faster Food - full-day training programme (click HERE for sample schedule) . Team leaders become Go Faster Food for Schools Ambassadors.

Ambassadors deliver 6 week course  to group of 10-15 pupils.

Course materials, recipes & workbook provided.

At the end of the course, participants will have knowledge of the functions of macro-& micronutrients AND how to use these in cooking. This will be demonstrated by an "Eat like an Athlete" chef competition,  & a presentation/pop-up restaurant for the wider community. Local, or school, sports personalities also invited. Course participants become Go Faster Food for Kids Ambassadors.






How does it work?

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