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What is Go Faster Food's schools programme?

It's a no-nonsense approach to food and nutrition, designed to support teachers of key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, and underpinned by an inspirational range of teaching resources.


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Video Blogs
Video Blogs

Follow our Go Faster Food Young Ambassadors, Dan and Lucy, as they step out of the book and the posters to take you through their training and cooking adventures ...

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The Workshops
The Workshops

"Eat like a sports star" workshops and assemblies for classroom or assemblies for each key stage, all linking physical activity with healthy eating, or as we prefer to call it, 'super'-fuelling the body ...

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The Latest News
The Latest News

We'll keep you up to date with our latest news and comment, including recipes, nutrition talk and blogs from schools using Go Faster Food ...

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Video Blogs
Video Blogs

Follow our Go Faster Food Young Ambassadors, Dan and Lucy, as they step out of the book and the posters to take you through their training and cooking adventures ...

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From Olympic athletes, to the BBC and even rock band Kasabian, Kate Percy's Go Faster Food programme has proved inspirational in transforming understanding of the link between eating the right foods and performance.


Our method is simple and effective!


We use sport as a 'hook' to engage children with healthy eating.


Bringing the application of sports nutrition principles to the classroom, as well as sporting role models ...


we help children better connect with the food they eat.




Our 'kids teach the kids' approach is integral to the

Go Faster Food schools programme. 


Featuring young 'Go Faster' ambassadors, British Universities Circuit Cycling

Champion Dan McKimm and GB pole vaulter Lucy Bryan, in our resources, we make healthy eating real and relevant by bringing these role models

right into your classroom.


Lucy and Dan video log and blog you through their successes (and failures!) in the kitchen and

in the sports arena, demonstrating how the food they eat is inextricably linked to

reaching their dream goals. 

"...  I've finally found healthy food that tastes good!" Holly Hall, Y 11 student & Go Faster Food Eat like an Athlete ambassador at The Regis School, Bognor Regis.

Delicious & nutritious

At Go Faster Food, healthy is certainly not boring or complicated! In fact we don't like to use the word 'healthy' - the mention of the word will often disengage a young person. 


Simple and nutritious, without compromising on flavour,  'superfuel' or 'eating for energy' has more impact with young people than 'healthy eating'.   Children get down to business quickly, picking up basic cooking skills as they prepare their own 'go faster food' - easy, delicious meals to inspire them to eat well for the rest of their lives.


But this is not just about learning to cook. It's about making sense of food for children so they are equipped to make healthy lifestyle decisions for the rest of their lives. 


 "Making the connection with sports stars made it really interesting. I feel like I've learnt a lot." Bryn Coates-Cook, Y 4, St Barnabas CEVC Primary School, Bristol.

Food for best energy

Would you put diesel into a Ferrari? No! The more fuel in the tank, the further a car will go. The better quality the fuel, the better the car will drive. 

Our bodies work in exactly the same way!


Eating the right foods will not only boost a child's performance in sport, it will improve their concentration in class, as well as their mood and general behaviour.


Kate Percy, author of bestselling books Go Faster Food and Go Faster Food for Kids, makes teaching healthy eating tasty, easy and fun with her comprehensive teaching tool kit, offering a bundle of her books, recipes, lesson plans, posters, quizzes  and supporting downloads.




"It was by far the best programme we’ve run and a huge portion of the praise goes to Kate for her tireless effort. She not only taught our young rowers how to prepare healthy, beautiful meals each day but she helped them understand the dynamics between their food and their performance. She was absolutely brilliant and I can’t recommend her highly enough. We can’t wait to have her on the next event." 

Mark Hunter MBE, Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist/Programme Director, LYR

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