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About Kate Percy

Whether it's inspiring 1400 inner city primary school children at the recent BBC @ Food connections festival alongside players from Bristol City, RFC and basketball or teaching kids at London Youth Rowing how to cook delicious and nutritious food to fuel their training with help from LYR Head Coach, Olympic Gold Medallist Mark Hunter MBE, Kate Percy is at her happiest when sharing her passion for food.  


She is perhaps best summed up by Tobias Mews, Telegraph columnist and Adventure Athlete when he says:



When it comes to infectious enthusiasm, Kate has it in bucket loads. Whether it’s in person or reading her books, her love for food is as transparent as a glass window. And if ever there was an excuse to exercise more, it’s to eat her yummy recipes which, by some good fortune, also make you go faster. It's a win win all round!

What, when and how much a child eats is the starting block to better concentration, academic attainment at school, improved sleep quality and, of course, better energy for sport. Making the right food choices enables children to be the best they can be.


Combining her experiences as a cook, marathon runner and mother of three very active kids – a daughter who hurdles for Cambridge University, an elder son who plays 1st XV rugby and a younger one who tries to spend as much time in his kayak as humanly possible - Kate has developed Go Faster Food for Schools to help teachers bring healthy eating in the curriculum alive in the classroom. 



Kate’s 'lightbulb' moment came from seeing her husband struggle in his training for the New York Marathon in 2000. Sounding like a stuck record his general miserableness was only alleviated when she came across a new concept, the Glycaemic Index, which looked at how different food releases energy at different rates.  Kate voraciously devoured all the books and articles which could enlighten her and the result was the now classic Go Faster Food, published by Vermilion in 2009. She has since become a well-respected food for fitness writer as well as in-house chef for 220 Triathlon and food guru for Athletics Weekly


Having been constantly pestered by friends for advice on how they should feed their own active kids, Kate decided the time was right to write her latest book, 'Go Faster Food for Kids', which is taking her ideas and message to a much wider, and younger, audience.


The feedback has been phenomenal! Championed by schools, sports organisations and charities, Kate's Go Faster approach to healthy eating has captured the imagination of children across the UK and beyond.


All Kate's books and 'eat like an athlete' lesson plans have been approved by registered nutritionist and dietitian, Sue Baic. Kate has enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship with Sue since the publication of her first book, Go Faster Food, published by Vermilion in 2009. Kate first met Sue when she was Programme Director for the Master of Science in Nutrition Physical Activity and Public Health at Bristol University. 



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