Eat like an Athlete x 7 Lesson Plans

Eat like an Athlete x 7 Lesson Plans

"Eat like an Athlete" Course, Lesson Plans 1-7: 

Lesson Plan 1 - Count on Carbohydrates
Lesson Plan 2 - The Power of Protein
Lesson Plan 3 - Fats for Fitness
Lesson Plan 4 - Vitamins & Minerals
Lesson Plan 5 - Hydration
Lesson Plan 6 - Competition Time
Lesson Plan 7 - Brainy Breakfasts
+++ Free Recipe Booklet

Lesson plans are curriculum-based and include relevant cooking activities, such as:

- Oaty banana pancakes
- Chicken and felafel wraps
- Guacamole with homemade tortilla chips
- Smoothies and shakes
- Healthy Granola

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