Download #GoFaster Recipes

Delicious recipes, designed for easy preparation in a school environment as well as to bring our #GoFaster nutrition to life. 

Free curriculum-based teaching resources for schools.


Whizz up this amazing

Blueberry Yoghurt





This Birchermuesli is nutritious and sustaining. Great pre-exam brain fuel or pre-match energy !  



Make these delicious

Lemon Chicken 



Lemon Chicken


Make these delicious

Apple Power Pancakes

with Spiced Apple Syrup.



Learn about healthy fats with this Mexican Guacamole with  homemade Tortilla Chips.



Learn about protein with these delicious burgers +  vitamin-fuelled mango salsa.



Make these amazing blinis; a

favourite of our Go Faster sporting ambassadors and loaded with nutrition.



These tasty #GoFaster Date & Coconut Energy Balls and packed with slow-release energy.


More recipes coming soon!

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