Wake up & smell the porridge!

... it's even better for you than you thought!

So, how do you like your morning bowl of porridge? Jumbo or instant oats? With milk? With raisins? Nuts? Chia seeds? Honey or maple syrup? Cinnamon? Chocolate buttons? Crunchy demerara and chopped apple?

Mmmm, so many options to choose from! How can people claim that porridge is boring!

You know it's healthy. You know it's tasty. Whether fuelling up before a workout (or indeed this Sunday's London Marathon!) or just after a healthy everyday breakfast, do you know why it's really worth raving about?

  • Porridge oats are packed with low GI carbohydrate, which means that they release glucose into your bloodstream slowly to provide a consistent level of energy.

  • Oats contain protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, fibre and minerals, inclduing iron and calcium.

  • Cooking your morning bowl of porridge with milk reduces the glycaemic index even further, so the energy is released into your bloodstream even more slowly. That means your breakfast will keep you going for even longer!

  • Regular consumption of oats can also help maintain a healthy digestive system and lower blood cholesterol levels.



Try this #GoFaster Porridge with blueberries and toasted walnuts - it's definitely my favourite pre-marathon/pre-workout/pre-work breakfast ...

Can't face porridge in the morning but want the benefits of oats? These oaty apple & banana pancakes are packed with energy and VERY delicious!


Want some more fabulously energising recipes?

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Want to enthuse your pupils about oats? See GB Pole Vaulter & Go Faster Ambassador Lucy Bryan stir up her favourite oaty breakfast ...

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