#GoFaster Phoebe bullies-off with England U17's!

When I decided to write 'Go Faster Food for Kids' over three years ago now, I set about identifying some children to use as case studies in the book. Little did I realise how amazingly well these kids were going to do in their chosen sports! With my aim to bring sports nutrition into the everyday I had set out in search of 'everyday' kids and found extraordinary ones.

Feeling like a rather proud parent who is just itching to tell you of their child's latest achievement, I am delighted to say that Phoebe Budd-Stone, who appears on page 42, has just made it back into the England Hockey U17 set up (rather similar to United Learning's ambassador and GB and England player Alex Danson - who is Phoebe's all time hero! ).

Mr. Go Faster Food was having a quiet pint with Phoebe's dad after they had both stepped in to help out the Old Bristolians RFC U16 team on a dank October's evening.

" We were pretty clueless about what Phoebe should be eating before

getting the book. Now Phoebe is cooking from it herself and has

really taken charge."

And that is a recurring theme when it comes to 'Go Faster Food for Kids'. Originally written for parents, coaches and teachers, it's the children themselves who are cooking from it too. Without wishing to seem immodest the quality of the book's production, the way the pictures look good enough to eat, all seem to motivate the kids.

In fact, Phoebe swears by the Go Faster Pancakes. She reckons they're her perfect pre-match breakfast!

The book itself is now officially a toddler!

It was almost exactly two years ago that it first came out and, like all children as they grow and develop, it has taken us on an extraordinary journey. It was in a meeting with Waitrose's head nutritionist back in January 2014 that we found out schools would have to teach 'healthy eating' (not a phrase we use if we can help it - sell the 'sizzle' not the sausage if you want to engage in our experience!). Via the good offices of United Learning's Shaun Dowling we found ourselves designing a way of teaching the ideas in the book both to the elite sportsmen and women in schools as well as using the 'hook' of sport to engage all children.

We now find ourselves developing a growing network of trainers to deliver our courses and workshops around the country, and even further afield.

A lot can happen in two years!

If you would like to find out what the fuss is all about and own your own personal, signed copy please click here for your special Teacher's copy.

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