"Hands up who's had breakfast today?"

"Hands up who's had breakfast today?"

At a recent workshop with a class of sixth-formers, a paltry few raised their hand. No surprise really. Breakfast is the most frequently skipped meal, with around a third of children and adolescents regularly going without breakfast before school. According to a study of 4326 children aged 10-16 in England, boys often blame lack of time, whilst many girls miss breakfast because they believe this will help them lose weight.

Research also shows that children who eat breakfast are not only less likely than their classmates to be inactive, unfit and obese, but also more likely to behave better, score higher grades and perform better in sport*.

In celebration of this week's #NationalBreakfastWeek social media has been swamped with elaborate and exciting breakfasts. For me though, apart from Sunday brunch, speed is of the essence when it comes to the morning fuel-up. In extremis, I have been known to resort to last week's energy balls (they work a treat as a grab and go). This pecan and pumpkin seed granola ticks all the boxes though - packed with nutrients, very tasty, quick to bolt down, and, eaten with fruit and yoghurt, it should sustain you through to lunchtime, whether you've got a full-on school day ahead or you're off to do some sport ...

Swap the pecans for sunflower seeds if you're making this at a nut-free school.


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*Cardiff University, 2015. Loughborough University (U.K.) 2015

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