Kate Percy - Commando Spirit Ambassador

It's a rare occasion and always with a measure of trepidation, that I venture into my teenage son's bedroom. The unknown territory offers new surprises every time ...

However, yesterday I was greeted to a new poster on the door - Get Fit To Apply.

For the Royal Marine Commandos, nutrition is inextricably linked to training success. I was delighted to see that the advice on the bedroom poster is totally along the lines of ‘Go Faster Food’; balanced, natural, with a focus on quality nutrients rather than loading up on empty calories.

This is all rather apt, as I've recently had the huge honour of being asked to act as an Ambassador for multi award winning Commando Spirit, which gives you the chance to test yourself against their awesome “commando-style” events. Founded by the inspirational Sally-Anne Hunter, Commando Spirit raises life changing funds for those in need and has to date raised almost £1M. Other Ambassadors include the likes of Dermot O'Leary, Suzi Perry and Monty Halls so it’s a tremendous privilege for me to be part of this crew!

What’s great for you, though, is that Commando Spirit has very kindly offered Go Faster Foodies 10% off all their events (use the code GOFASTERCOMMANDO on any of their events listed on Eventbrite).

Supported by Commandos, you can test your physical and psychological limits against formidable aspects of Commando training. For those with a sense of adventure, the events are awesome and can be taken at any level!

Their next events are all part of Commando Spirit’s world’s first “Commando Games”, which will take place around the stunning and rugged terrain of Achnacarry in the Scottish Highlands; the original training ground of the Commandos. They don’t call it “Commando Country” for nothing!

  • Survive The Yomp - an arduous 30 mile hike across tough terrain in the Scottish Highlands, and the

  • Commando 9 Miler – a great step in its own right this is the original 9 mile speed march you can, run, hike, march or walk!

  • Commando Endurance Course - packed with obstacles - mud runs, tunnels, crawls

  • [if !supportLists]· [endif]And there are also plenty of family activities such as survival skills, camping on site, camouflage face painting, talks and demos. Sounds amazing! For more information on this, check out the Commando Spirit website.

You’ve got 10% off all events too – use the discount code GOFASTERCOMMANDO on their Eventbrite page.

Take The Leap: eye-watering commando-style abseils from some of the UK’s most iconic buildings - here's Commando Spirit's founder, Sally-Anne Hunter, practicing what she preaches.

Commando Spirit also run Commando Bootcamps and Women in Leadership events across the UK.

Those who complete all the physical tests that Commandos have to complete to achieve the prestigious Green Beret (Survive The Yomp, Commando 9 Miler and the Commando Endurance Course) will be presented with an exclusive Green Beret Award. Those who go one step further and also complete the psychological tests (Take The Leap and Escape The Dunker) will achieve a Total Commando Award.

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