Jazmin Jumps For Rio!

This week's #GoFasterFriday is brought to you with huge joy tinged with not a little sadness.

Those who follow Go Faster Food will know that two of our lovely GoFaster ambassadors have been putting their heart and soul, their absolute everything, into attempting to qualify for Rio. Well last weekend at the British Athletics Champs in Birmingham, they jumped in their final trials.

Massive congratulations to Jazmin! She not only smashed her PB with an awesome jump of 6.75 metres, she also nailed her place.

She's off to Rio!

We just can't stop smiling, and I'm sure Jazmin can't either!

Click here to see her jump:


To top it all, she found out the following day that she'd got a 2:1 in her law degree at Bristol University. That's some lady!

For our pole vaulter Lucy it was not be, so sadly these two awesome girls, who are quite frankly joined at the hip, will not realise their dream of competing in the Olympics together and, most importantly being roomies in Rio. A season plagued by injury and interrupted training meant Lucy could not reach her qualifying height of 4m 50. In her words she is gutted but not surprised and typical of her is so pleased for Jazz.

Lucy, we know how hard you've worked and how hard you have tried and if there is one thing we also know about you it is your resilience and ability to bounce back! We have a sneaky feeling there will be another time for you.

So this week's #GoFasterFriday is dedicated to courage, resilience and to all who give of whatever they are doing their very best....

Have a great weekend everyone!

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