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Why Vitamins and Minerals?

The Rainbow Effect!

There are many many different types of vitamins and minerals, each performing a different function. 



Active young people need an increased intake of vitamins and minerals to help muscle function, cell repair and red blood cell formation.

                                                     We need Vitamins and Minerals to:


  • help release energy from foods, enabling the body to use carbs, protein and fat efficiently,

  • protect the immune system,

  • protect the nervous system and the brain,

  • protect the health of teeth, bones, skin, blood and eyesight.

Eating a broad spectum of foods ensures the body gets the best variety of these nutrients. 

Make your meals as colourful as possible. Try to include 3 or 4 different colours on your plate.

The colour of each food variety represents a different set of powerful antioxidants to keep you as healthy as possible e.g. lycopene in red tomatoes, beta-carotene in carrots.

Cook something PACKED with Vitamins & Minerals


Wow your friends with this 

Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie


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